Support Groups


Activity Day(s) Time Suggested
Grief Support Group Wednesday 2:00–3:30 pm $1.00

They say, “Emotions expressed are emotions addressed.” Ovid once wrote, “Suppressed grief suffocates and multiplies its strength.” Grief is like old age – it is not for wimps! Myths abound with grief. We are told “don’t feel bad.” Somehow we think “you have to be strong.” And “don’t be scared.” We tell ourselves “you don’t want to burden others with your feelings.” Most likely those thoughts have partially paralyzed you. It’s time for you to get free of these myths and barriers!

The goal of this grief group is to create a safe place to express feelings and thoughts as well as learn healthy coping mechanisms. You can talk a lot, a little or just listen. You just might find the peace and safety you need knowing others can relate to and accept what you are going through. There is magic in the support you give one another. The bonus will be making new friends and learning new things to be able to live well once again.

Facilitated by Dixie Home Rehab and Hospice Chaplain Pamela Jensen.