Support Groups

Activity Day(s) Time Suggested
Reminiscing Rainy Days Tuesday 1:00pm $0.00

As people age, they confront a host of challenges. With health, living arrangements, family and end-of-life issues erupting in every direction, senior citizens need guidance and a sense that they are not alone. Support groups can ease such needs.

Reminiscing Rainy Days with your Peers (Bereavement)

Coping with the death of a loved one can be difficult for anyone. But if you’re a senior adult, the experience can be a greater struggle simply by nature of your stage in life.

Health problems, loss of independence and other issues that accompany growing older can compound and heighten grief. Moreover, an emotional support system that used to exist may no longer be in place because peers have passed and adult children may be busy with their own lives.

Coping with loss is discussed in a supportive and confidential environment. Topics include dealing with loneliness, understanding the grieving process, and adjusting to life without the loved one.