Thrift Shoppe

Store Days: Tuesday – Friday
Store Hours: 10:00am – 1:00pm

Please come and shop with us.  We have new items arriving daily.  Even though our space is small, we have quite an assortment of goodies.  If you’ve done some “spring cleaning” around your home and are looking for a place to donate clothing or household items, we hope you’ll think of us.  Remember, all proceeds directly benefit the Senior Center.  We thank you for your support!

Merchandise Price
St. George Senior Center T-Shirts $5.00
Shirts $1.00
Tank Tops $1.00
Pants $1.00
Jeans $1.00
DVDs Varies
VHS Tapes Varies
CDs $1.00
Books Varies
Jewelry $0.25 – $1.00
Cups & Mugs $0.25
Puzzles $0.50
Trinkets $0.25