Health Services

Activity Day(s) Time Suggested
Long-Term Medical Care Questions Tuesday 12:30pm $0.00
Parkinson’s Meeting 3rd Wednesday, Monthly 10:30am $2.00
Breakfast for the Brain (10 week course) scheduled intermittently TBD $2.00
Blood Pressure-Sugar Screening Thursday 9:00am – 11:00am $0.00
Chair & Hand Massage 1st & 3rd Friday, Monthly 10:30am – 11:30am $0.00

Long-Term Medical Care Questions

Health ServicesLong-term medical care is for people who are unable to perform the basic tasks of everyday living on their own for an extended period due to chronic medical, physical or cognitive conditions, or disabling injuries.

Parkinson`s Meeting

Living with Parkinson’s can be overwhelming and by its very nature unpredictable. Each day may be different from the last, and some days are simply better than others. Support groups bring together those in similar circumstances, offering a chance to learn from each other’s experiences and challenges.

Breakfast for the Brain

Location: Kitchen Room; 2nd floor
Contact: Call 634-5743 for more info
Breakfast for the Brain is a unique 10 week class that will encourage you to realize the benefits of good nutrition and physical exercise along with consistent mental exercise. The class has “Take Home Moments” that help translate classroom activities into daily life. Focus areas include:

  • importance of good nutrition
  • socialization
  • mental stimulation
  • stress management
  • physical health

All of these help our brain power. A light breakfast snack will be provided at each class. Sessions are scheduled throughout the year.  Call 634-5743 for more info.

Blood Pressure-Sugar Screening

Medical ScreeningKnow your health numbers. It is crucial to check blood pressure and sugar levels as a first step in preventing and controlling health issues and improving the quality of your health.

Chair & Hand Massage

For senior citizens, it’s not uncommon to experience pain and stiffness in muscles and joints, especially following vigorous physical activity. Massage therapy can help reduce inflammation-related pain around joints, which promotes the restoration of full range of motion. Improved range of motion can enhance your ability to perform your daily activities. This can lead to increased independence and a higher quality of life.